Big news, after Thread at Farnham



I wish I could have met personally all the visitors to my Thread stand. I’m half torn between saying what positive feedback and enthusiasm my products received in Farnham, or explaining my latest life developments.

At the start of 2014 I could never have imagined what the new academic year would have in store for me, I was settled in my Sussex studio and thinking about ways to develop my practice and show my work across the south of England and London. Right now I’m married and living in central mainland China taking regular mandarin lessons. August, September and October brought a few (understatement?) life changes and I’m a happily settled permanent resident of 中国.

I’ve been very lucky to have a spare room to set up a studio here, and I’m discovering the wealth of raw materials here and daily inspiration as I’m learning about a new culture. I’m gathering ideas for the future and am developing a new collection of prints, it really feels like anything is possible after smoothly transitioning into such a new life.

This is the reason I couldn’t be in Farnham for Thread, and I’m eternally grateful to my Mother for helping out when all these changes suddenly happened. Any visitors who came know that she is a fun lady who probably did a better job at explaining how good my products are than if I was there being humble and quiet.

Thread sounded like a really fantastic event with the Maltings doing such a good job, thank you to everyone who came. One day I’ll be back myself.

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