End of ’16, early ’17: A Jet Lagged Fog



After my English sojourn of a wonderfully sunny autumnal September and October, my life didn’t show too many signs of slowing down for the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. China, Japan, Dubai, Australia and a surprise trip back to the South of England for my brother’s wedding intermingled with my time “home” in Macau, hosting lovely house guests and occasionally staying over in Hong Kong. It sounds glamorous in words, but in reality I spent a lot of time in airports and in a jet lagged fog.


There is something about being displaced from our usual routine and living out of a sparsely packed suitcase that means it is hard for me to think creatively at all.


But now it is time to really start getting down to work.


Sometimes the build up is really exciting when I know that soon I will be dyeing cloth, handling fabric and sewing it up. Not being able to get stuck in with your creative practice due to travel and commitments makes you yearn for the time you will be able to starting creating again.


I’m at that stage!


Going over what happened at Farnham for the festival of “Thread” in Sept 2016 and “The Festival of Crafts” Oct 2016 I realise that I was most passionate talking to people about the quality of the materials I was using and getting them to handle my products and begin to understand how they feel and react.



A detail of my stand at “The Festival of Crafts”



Many a heartfelt thank you to those who listened to me, supported me and gave a good home to my newly sewn products.


2016 was a year when I made textile art pieces, to be mounted on a wall in an art gallery setting.

A tactile piece, which was just for looking at.


And it was also a year when I made textile products, for use in one’s daily life.

A tactile piece, which was made for touching and using.



In hindsight do you know what I think?


I make my work to be understood in a tactile way.

Which means,


Whatever work I make in the future, I need to consider what form it will be, so that my creative practice can be held, felt, used and treasured.


And with that, I’m excited for what is going to come next…


A big cheer for all of our moments of hard work.

Thanks for reading!



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