End of ’16, early ’17: A Jet Lagged Fog


    After my English sojourn of a wonderfully sunny autumnal September and October, my life didn’t show too many signs of slowing down for the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. China, Japan, Dubai, Australia and a surprise trip back to the South of England for my brother’s wedding intermingled with my time “home” in Macau, hosting lovely house guests and occasionally staying over in Hong Kong. It [.....]

Why I do, what I do: Thread 2016 Farnham Maltings


New collection now up online here!       I awoke with a start, my eyes blinked wide open and for a second I had absolutely no idea where I was. That was my first morning back in the UK having just completed the Macau, Hong Kong, Beijing and London trip in 20 hours. Today I’m a little bit more with it, just in time for the whole reason why I’m here.   I’m in the Great Hall at [.....]

A Beijing Summer


  Good morning/afternoon or evening to you all. I trust you are well and had a good summer?   Things here have been moving at a dizzying pace and returning to Macau for the start of the new academic year, well, let's say I've never been more excited to get back to those normal routines of ours.     Somewhere in that 6 week semi-grand tour of Europe and Asia we found an anchor in the form [.....]