After Structure: Summer Plans


  We’re well and truly into summer now, especially in these scorching temperatures of Macau, hope the sun is shining where you are too.   It was an exciting spring for Amy George Textiles with the exhibition at Neo Gallery in Bolton. Thank you to everyone who visited, those expressing supporting and all those that got the show on the road in the first place, it was wonderful having backing whilst not [.....]

Structure at Neo Gallery


I am often asked many questions about living in China.   What is it like to live in Macau? How does it affect my life? Does this mean that this new environment influences my work?   In response to these I can say “Yes! Life is so different here and this is parcelled up with how I work today.” This is what I have been up to in 2016 so far...     Everyday in Macau is [.....]

The Elusive Creative Habit


Hello Everyone!   I hope your new year is shaping up nicely. It seems that everyone is reflecting and thinking about how to make this year the best ever. I’m no different and feel that all things considered, such as living in two different parts of China, travelling extensively and coping with cultural and language barriers, that my trip back to the UK was a successful one. Showing my work from 2015 and [.....]